The Party




‘The Party’ is a family of wall lamps we designed inspired by a clan of strong, captivating personalities. Their casted ceramic faces bring to light our fascination with secrets, family dynamics and intrigue.

If seen together, as a splendid party, they brighten up the stage with their cool playfulness. Yet behind the lamps’ composed façades a mischievous side seeps through and touches our imagination. The characters that join The Party each have an intriguing story that connects them: the want-to-be aristocrat, the black sheep, the opportunist, the patriot and the evil mastermind. Fragments of their personalities appeal to our own hidden side, stimulating recognition, interest and curiosity.

The lamps share the same basic tactile feel, a subtle roughness given by the granular ceramic finish, but are distinguished by their individual style and detailing.


Introducing the family members of The Party:

The Mayor
Prime member of The Party; The Mayor thinks very highly of himself and literally looks at the world though his monocle. The Mayor is a character with a deeply fascinating and controversial personality.

A sombre member of The Party; Bert is bright, full of potential but inevitably blinded and embittered by sheer jealousy. Bert is an intriguing character, a face that hides its feelings behind a life-long grudge.

The leading lady of The Party; Coco is a self-made woman with a sharp mind, who learns to look after herself early on in life. Coco is the archetypal woman, mother, lover who tries to spin the web of destiny.

The patriotic heart of The Party; Glenn reacts to his turbulent youth by searching for clarity through ideology and order. Glenn is a man with a mission, searching for light above an ocean of darkness.

Potential evil mastermind of The Party, Ted’s reaction to his difficult youth is to follow the wrong path impulsively, head-first. Ted is the most exposed character, a face with no identifying traits to hide behind.