Product: KLUIS
Client: Social Label
Year: 2017
Materials: Aluminium, wood, labour
IMG credits: Social Label

The collaboration with WeenerXL starts with investigating the possibilities: what is possible, what is allowed, and who can and is allowed to do it within the company? WeenerXL turns out to be good at setting and processing metal, albeit on a conservative scale. This is how we approached the project; how can we grow together was the question? Start small. That’s why we started with a series of storage boxes, the first of which is now ready for production, and which we want to gradually grow into products not only for the desk, but also for the desk itself.For now, there is >KLUIS A6 and >KLUIS A4, small storage boxes consisting of 2 equal parts set aluminium, trimmed with wooden front and back walls. Size corresponding to paper sizes. An introduction to ourselves at WeenerXL and social label.