Kranen/Gille studio edition


The Isabella garden bench is the latest addition to a collection of products we design and make with our own hands in our own studio. Products and objects which are so close to us we do not want anyone else but ourselves working on them.

Isabella is an outdoor seater for two made from massive steel and douglas pine. This ensures absolutely no maintenance is needed, let alone some dusting now and then. The steel is coated in a matte black finish, the pine is untreated so it will fade to a nice natural hue. Each piece is hand numbered as shown, starting from #1. The standard configuration is a bench with a width of 150 cm with or without a table. Custom length and configuration is possible, please send us an e-mail for more info and pricing.
When ordering this item, you can specify if you would like the table on the left or the right side, seen from the front. If desired we can provide an optional tabletop in white or black marble, as well as floor mounts if the bench is used in (semi)public spaces. Please send a mail to to enquire and/or order