Monasch by Best Wool


Elements is the result of the collaboration between the Monasch development team and Kranen/Gille, an exciting process that challenged our in-house designers.

Elements has the power that enriches a design to the level of a sensory experience. The rugs speak in spheres; they tell a story and create an attractive tension. The content
however is personally determined. Elements proves itself to be of a special class as it creates a wonderful framework for individual context and interpretation: the freedom of your own story. All four Elements have their own signature. At first sight you might think all four Elements share the same structure. Look closer and the similarities as well as the differences will become clear. By applying innovative techniques you will perceive differences in the depth of the rug surface. Obviously colour is the most expressive and distinctive element in the designs. An interesting fact is that every pattern and colour blend is composed yarn for yarn, with over thirty unique colours applied per design.