DIGI Crockery




Welcome back to the future, where a series of time travelers rule the dinner table.

Way ahead of their time, these espresso cups, mugs, bowls, and various sizes of plates show us how to blend ancient handcrafting techniques with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Made in collaboration with POLS POTTEN – a well known Dutch design brand – this series is a nod to the cyber world. Charmed by early 8-bit abstraction such as Nintendo, SEGA, and Atari, each piece is modeled after the masters’ vision of the new, digitalized world. This Digi Series is executed in a futuristic pink and yellow. “The faceted look refers both to low-res imagery and craft-cut crystal. A new-worldly paradox that is highlighted by a polygon of circa 100 hand-painted lines.

Send us an e-mail for availability at info@kranengille.com or visit the POLS POTTEN website