Product: Zuiderzeelamp
Client: Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen
Year: 2015
Materials: Ceramics, glass, LED
IMG credits: Frans Lossie

The Cabinet of Artists consisted of objects without a story, but which once represented an intrinsic value for someone. Next to the Cabinet we presented a wallpaper with empty lights where visitors could draw their own favorite object, no questions asked. This side project turned out to be such a success that the Zuiderzee Museum asked us to continue the lamps in the cabinet in the form of a lamp in which someone could place an object: the Zuiderzee lamp. To celebrate the launch of the Zuiderzee lamp, the first five lamps were donated to designers with whom the museum has worked in the past, and they placed the following in the lamps:

  • Maarten Baas – his childrens’ spoon (1978)
  • Kiki van Eijk – two leaves found during a walk (2010)
  • Richard Hutten – Pikachu (1st one in Europe) (1998)
  • Job Smeets – the ashes of his late cat “Woensel” (1996-2010)
  • RenS – Inspiration wood (2012)