Crafts Council London, Dutch Design Week, Gallery S. Bensimon Paris


Our 00:00:00 project comes from our belief that, as designers, we should be able to create value without expensive materials or high-end technique. This does not mean we do not like to use these materials and techniques, but instead serves as a reminder that design for us is about concept and form. In this particular case we used the cheapest materials around in order to create an impact (quite literally).

A slight wink to the “one-off” gallery design, the 00:00:00 comes in many appearances but with one similarity: each one is unique. Since the bulb is cast in by rotation molding plaster, one has to free the light by breaking the surrounding sphere, not knowing how much plaster is on the bulb itself, thus not knowing the light output. For added drama the sphere can be pre filled with paint, which will spread itself upon breaking, adding a color reflecting element to the mix.