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What you see on this website is our next step in our journey. A new logo and a new website (more works will be added soon).

Join the journey of Kranen/Gille

After a remarkable and successful show during Salone Del Mobile we’re off to the US for a small tour to promote our latest release: The “PLANT” Chandelier for Moooi. Find us at one of the following places:

May 18-21 Wanted Design Manhattan, Terminal stores, 271 11th Ave, New York
May 19-onward Moooi NY 36 E 31st St, New York
May 21st Illuminations Inc. 415 8th St NW, Washington DC
May 22nd Switch Modern 670 14th St NW, Atlanta
May 23rd Scott + Cooner 1617 Hi Line Drive Suite 100, Dallas

We keep you posted during our tour by Instagram and Facebook.

The journey continues

When we started Kranen/Gille twelve years ago, we just got to work. We only looked ahead in time and grew over the years into what Kranen/Gille is now.
And quite successfully. The timeless style of Kranen/Gille shows there is still room for journey in search of new design classics. Our designs, inspired by heavy industry and nature, are now part of the collections of MOOOI, PODE/Leolux and Functionals which makes our designs available to a broader audience.
Recently, the theme of Kranen/Gille has been self-reflection. We felt it was time to take a closer look at ourselves. To look into the future and continue growth, you have to add the past to the present. By working and thinking this way there is a chance that, in 30 years’ time, there will still be lamps or furniture from Kranen/Gille in interiors to find and that is the ultimate goal: Kranen/Gille forever.

Highlights so far in 2019

Presentations during Salone Del Mobile


where we presented world’s first singing chandelier! Listen closely to enjoy some enlightened harmonies.The Party is a family of five (Ted, Coco, Bert, Glenn and The Mayor) and is designed by Kranen/Gille.


Social label is presented its ideas for an human-scale economy at a small private home in the Isola Milano area. Kranen/Gille was part of this presentation with >KLUIS, and is featured in the new book ‘Social Label Works’.