2018-04-04 CRUDE chair for PODE has landed

After a soft launch in September 2017 and a beatiful presentation at IMM COLOGNE 2018 we are proud to say that the CRUDE chair fro PODE is in stores now. The chair is available in 3 distinguished colours and can be fitted with seating upholstery. last but not least: CRUDE always carries an encouraging smile! visit PODE for more info and dealers.

2017-02-11 "The Industrial Essence Of Kranen/Gille" solo exhibition at Het NoordBrabants Museum

Space is being reserved in the museum in 2017 for the renowned designer duo Kranen/Gille. The exhibition is one of a series about Dutch Design from Brabant, ‘Made in Brabant’. The Industrial Essence of Kranen/Gille is an overview of their first ten years as partners in design in the city where they live and work. It is their first solo exhibition in a museum. A mix of prototypes, non-commissioned work and products for design labels illustrates the highlights and developments of the last ten years. It includes around 40 objects including a new, hitherto un-exhibited piece, a chandelier from the series, Plant. Kranen/Gille are themselves responsible for the design of the exhibition. The exhibition is part of the programme marking the Mondrian to Dutch Design year. The exhibition runs from feb 11th until May 14th. (thus spoke Het Noordbrabants Museum. In Dutch. they speak in Dutch only, sorry!)

2017-02-04 Terra Ducit bespoke floor installation at Design#2: Licht @Keramiekmuseum Princessehof Leeuwarden

Renowned ceramics museum "Princessehof" invited us to show several of our works we did together with Cor Unum in their latest exhibition: Design#2: Licht. Centerpeice of this exhibition is a bespoke floor installation of our "Terra Ducit", a flexible LED tile system which slightly reminds one of circuit board whilst the earthly looks give the observer the sensation of soaring over land by night. This installation is temporary and will be taken down in November, and will be sold as whole or in parts. For more info send a mail to info(at) exhibition is open until the 8th of October 2017.

2016-11-04 CENOTE light installation for Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Den Bosch

Our local hospital, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, invited us to be artists in residence in order to try and make their intake rooms a bit more pleasant for the patient. The small rooms with no windows left us no choice than to make a hole in the ceiling, enabling the patients to look up to the sky and take a breath of fresh air. CENOTE is a periscope-like light installation hidden in the ceiling creating a perfect illusion of looking up into a misty morning forest. Take our word for it, we hope you'll never have to see it in real life (as a patient).

2016-04-12 Terra Ducit launched with Cor Unum at Salone Del Mobile

Cor Unum presented new work by us at "Changing The Skin", their exhibition at Salone Del Mobile. For this exhibition we designed Terra Ducit: a flexible LED light system based on circuit board and rough clay. The copper lines connect small cities of light, thus creating a map of an imaginary country. Terra Ducit is available in any form you want it, as a single tile or total wall covering. contact us at for more information.

2016-04-05 PODE launces new collection featuring "Bottle Stool" by Kranen/Gille

Last week we enjoyed the launch of the alle new PODE collection featuring our Bottle Stool. PODE was conceived under the art direction of Roderick Vos and Claire Vos, we are happy to be a part of the collection! More to come soon! The Bottle Stool is available in our online store!

2015-08-13 Kranen/Gille designs "Dutch Design Stools" for French store chain Monoprix

For French department store Monoprix we designed two "Dutch Design Chairs" together with Gerard De Hoop and Daphna Laurens. The stools will be available from October 28th all across France. (in a limited run though... be fast!)

2015-05-29 The Edge: the most sustainable building in the world furnished with Kranen/Gille's "Hensen" collection

The Edge is open! The Edge, located at the 'Zuidas', the Amsterdam business district, is the most sustainable builing in the world. We are proud to have co-furnished this building with our Hensen chairs, loungers and barstools!

2015-05-21 "Combers Cabinet" takes its place at Zuiderzeemuseum Enkuizen

After a preview during Object Rotterdam and a first full presentation during Salone Del Mobile the "Combers Cabinet" has taken it's place in the collection of Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen. The installation will be on show until the end of October 2015. More info and opening times here.

2015-05-1 SALONE! Zuiderzeemuseum, Cor Unum and Alessandro Mendini...

Last month, during Salone Del Mobile we presented "Combers Cabinet" for Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen for the first time in all it's glory. The project was on show at Ventura Lambrate, one of the busiest districts during FuoriSalone. Visitors were invited to make a drawing of their object of desire on our specially designed wallpaper. Opposite to this presentation Cor Unum, one of the gems of our beautiful city, presented our "Zweitse Revisited" products based on the designs of the founder of the company. Thes products are now available in our webshop as well as at Cor Unum. On top of it all the great Allessandro Mendini designed a vase for Cor Unum and we got to meet him... life's good!

2014-12-11 Kranen/Gille collaborates with Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen
2014-11-07 "B-sides and Prototypes" @Nhow Rotterdam

The Nhow Rotterdam hotel asked us to furnish their lobby with our products, so we did! We put together a selection of one-offs, prototypes and alternative versions of our products under the name "B-sides and Prototypes", go and have a look. The Nhow is located in "De Rotterdam" a beautiful building designed by Rem Koolhaas that can be found at Wilhelminakade 137, Rotterdam (of course). The show is on until mid-january.

2014-08-22 Hensen @PICSA Madrid

Pizza restaurant PICSA in Madrid has furnished their establisment with Kranen/Gille's Hensen bar stool and chair, designed for New Duivendrecht. If you are in or going to Madrid, you can find them here. If you're not: order a chair (or stool) right here and get hold of a pizza.

2014-06-13 Kranen/Gille available at the FRAME pop up store @Felix&Foam

From today on our MECK lamps and BASE candlesticks are available at the FRAME pop-up-store in Amsterdam. The store is located in Felix Meritis building at Keizersgracht 324. You can find everything you need on their website, see you there!

2014-06-12 Kranen/Gille available @Edwin Pelser (The Hague) and @Op De Sofa (Rotterdam)

Kranen/Gille has some new resellers we want you to know about! You can obtain MECK lamps, T-Bowl, BASE candlestick and clock at Edwin Pelser, a beautiful store in The Hague and Op De Sofa, also a beautiful store, but in Rotterdam, from now on. Do not hesitate to pop by and check these nice locations.

2014-06-06 Kranen/Gille at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Tonight Dutch Design Supermodels will open at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Kranen/Gille's Hensen chair was selected in the overview "a century of iconic Dutch Design chairs". Furthermore, Kranen/Gille designed the "Engine Room" for the Dutch Design Doll House, a 1:12 scale house featuring prominent Dutch designers. After the show at Stedelijk Amsterdam (until the 9th of June) Supermodels will go on tour to various cities including Tokyo, Helsinki and San Fransico.

2014-05-21 Kranen/Gille @ Bij Den Dom Utrecht

Our MECK lamp, BASE candlesticks, BASE T-Bowl, BASE clock and Birhouse are available at Bij Den Dom from now on. Bij Den Dom is conveniently located in the city centre of Utrecht at Domstraat 3. Go visit this beautiful store!

2014-05-09 Kranen/Gille at Designkwartier Den Haag

Kranen/Gille will present their work with Cor Unum Ceramics and Chateau de la Resle at DESIGNKWARTIER Den Haag. The event will take place from the 16th until the 18th of May at various locations in the city, find them here. Kranen/Gille will be presented at the mobile presentation space of Cor Unum and at Edwin Pelser.

2014-05-09 Dutch Design Supermodels to Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Dutch Design Supermodels, which had it's premiere During Salone Del Mobile last month will be on show at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam next month. Kranen/Gille's Hensen chair was selected by Dutch Design Supermodels as one of the best chairs in Dutch Design and will be at the Stedelijk amongst onthers from the 6th until the 9th of June. Hope to see you there!

2014-04-22 Salone Del Mobile was great!

Salone Del Mobile 2014 was a great success for Kranen/Gille! Thank you for visiting and your positive energy. We enjoyed the launch of our new products for Chateau de la Resle at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, had a great presentation of our ceramics at Via Savona 53, were happy to see that the Hensen chair wood was received well and to top it off the same Hensen chair was selected by Concern as one of the best chairs in Dutch Design and was put on show at Dutch Design Supermodels in Ventura Lambrate. See you next time and remember: all of these products are available in our webstore!

2014-04-09 Our new web store is waiting for your order

Our web store was completely refurbished - it is now easier than ever as we now offer to directly purchase via paypal checkout.
This is now possible using all major credit cards or directly through your paypal account.

2014-02-14 OBJECT Rotterdam, thank you!

Last week Kranen/Gille presented their latest work in collaboration with Cor Unum Ceramics at OBJECT Rotterdam.
Thank you for visiting, all our new works are available in our web store.
See you in Milan, maybe there's something new there...

2014-02-14 Let's do something about the news....

Hello! we have been a bit neglective about our news page 'lately', very sorry!
From now on news updates as they happen, so please see above!



2012-05-10 Floriade 2012, Plant bench offer

Last week we visited Floriade 2012 in Venlo. Floriade is the horticultural world expo and Kranen/Gille is proud to show their "Plant" bench at the expo. Please see the picture below of a bench in front of Jo Coenen's "Innovatoren". If you would like more info please send an e-mail.

2012-05-01 Kranen/Gille finalist in The Green Design Competition

We are proud to announce we are finalists in The Green Design Competition. The jury of this competition, which is led by Jurgen Bey, has been so kind to acknowledge our submission with this finalist spot. Find out more about the competition and watch the movie at

2012-04-27 Kranen/Gille looks back at a successfull Salone

Last week Kranen/Gille was in Milan with Functionals (click) and newcomer New Duivendrecht (click) to show their latest work. Everyone who came, thank you! Everyone who did not: you missed two beatiful presentations but at least we still have the pictures... If you would like more info please  email (click)

2012-03-12 Kranen/Gille celebrates spring at Floriade 2012

Next month Kranen/Gille will exhibit their “Plant” bench during Floriade 2012, the world horticultural expo to be held at Venlo Greenpark.With spring ahead, we’d like to combine this pleasant news with an offer for our “Plant” bench. For those who feel the need to dissipate the last of the winter darkness we can recommend our small “Plant” lamp.

Have a terrific spring and with warm regards!

Please email us for more information and have a nice spring!

(dimensions and materials can be found in the 'works' section on this website)

2012-02-24 Kranen/Gille shortlisted for The Green Design Competition

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for The Green Design Competition. ITEMS magazine knows more, click here!

2012-02-16 Kranen/Gille featured on DOMUSweb

From the 18th until the 21st of March 2012 the first edition of Design Days Dubai will take place. Kranen/Gille's "Fredersen" chair will be presented by Gallery Priveekollektie. DOMUSweb published an article about it, please follow this link:

2012-02-16 Kranen/Gille @FUMI London

Kranen/Gille is on show at Gallery FUMI for their first show in 2012. If you get to London, please pay them a visit. Gallery FUMI is located in Shoreditch, get off at Old Street tube station and you will find them here (click). Visiting them online is also possible:

2012-02-07 Welcome MANUFACTUM

We are proud to announce that our favourite German retailer Manufactum (es gibt sie noch, die guten dinge) is selling our Luftschiff lamp, order it here: LINK.

2011-12-20 Christmas @FUMI London

Kranen/Gille is on show at Gallery FUMI during the holidays! So if you get to London for christmas or new year please pay them a visit. Gallery FUMI is located in Shoreditch, please get off at Old Street tube station and you will find them here (click). Visiting them online is also possible:


Best wishes!

2011-09-13 Luftschiff is here

The "Luftschiff" pendant light is available via cast aluminium body is equipped with two T5 tubes and measures 130 x 20 x 18 cm (l x w x h). 

2011-07-19 Kranen/Gille Summer 2011

Dilmos Milano will present our latest Island, the "Island 3: Dining Table" in their shop window this summer. If you get to Milan, head over to the Brera district and have a look right here (click). See you in September at Maison & Objet Paris, where Dutch brand "Functionals" will launch our new "Luftschiff" lamp. Have a great summer!

2011-06-01 Kranen/Gille at Design Miami/Basel

Dilmos Milano will present part of the "Islands" collection at Design Miami/Basel this month. Please come and visit halle 5, messe Basel from the 14th until the 18th of June. for more information or press inquiries please mail to press(at)


2011-04-19 Thank you for visiting us

Thank you for visiting us during Salone Del Mobile last week! Our presentations at Dilmos Gallery and Functionals were a great success. Might you require more info, please mail to info(at)

image: "Functionals" at Zona Tortona, "Luftschiff" is coming. Right image: "Islands" at Dilmos Milano.

2011-04-08 Expect the Unconventional

Kranen/Gille will present their "101" Candelabra Mirror designed for in Milan, together with a sneak preview of our "Luftschiff" lamp.

2011-04-08 Milan Design Week

This year's Milan Salone Kranen/Gille will presenting new work at DILMOS Gallery from the 12th until the 17th of april.


San Marco 1 (Entrance via Solferino)

Opening hours:

Tue 12 - Sun17 April, 10.00-21.00

2011-03-25 Our 101 mirror is now available!

The "101" candelabra mirror is now availble at in black and white, please order in their online shop.

2010-08-13 Plant lamp small for sale

Plant lamp small delivered to your home for € 285,00 plus shipping. mail us.

2010-06-01 Design Miami/Basel

From june 14th until june 19th Kranen/Gille will present new work at Design Miami / Basel with gallery Priveekollektie. Come look for us at booth G25, Messehalle 5, Basel.

2010-04-17 Salone Del Mobile

We are guests... a little longer perhaps due to volcanic ash...